Tesalin® – Ze 339

Tesalin® – Ze 339

Tesalin® – Ze 339

Treatment of allergic rhinitis (hay-fever).

  • Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory
  • Non-inferiority to anti-histamines
  • No drowsiness or fatigue

This is an authorised medicinal product.

Max Zeller Söhne AG, 8590 Romanshorn

Product information

For the treatment of intermittent (seasonal) allergic rhinitis and related symptoms of the eyes, nose and throat

17.8 - 40 mg CO2 extract (Ze 339) from the leaves of Petasites hybridus, standardized to 8 mg petasins

Drug-extract ratio (DER): 50-100:1

Patented sub-critical CO2 extraction

2-3 x 1 film-coated tablets per day.

Clinical Evidence & Mode of action

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P: +41 71 466 05 00 bd@zellerag.ch

Ze 339 – The Difference

New Herbal Entity – Ze 339 is the first Petasites hybridus leaf extract for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, with no similar product worldwide

Dual action – Alleviates broad range of allergic rhinitis complaints including allergic (rhinorrhea, itching etc.) and inflammatory symptoms (nasal congestion) by inhibiting synthesis of leukotrienes and release of various inflammatory mediators

Highly effective - Proven equal efficacy in head-to-head trials with antihistamines

Excellent safety & tolerability – Low incidence of adverse effects and no sedative effect

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Our phyto-pharmaceuticals have proven efficacy, tolerability and safety in numerous clinical trials performed by Zeller and published in peer-reviewed journals.


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