Remotiv® – Ze 117

Remotiv® – Ze 117
Remotiv® – Ze 117

    Remotiv® – Ze 117

    Treatment of mild to moderate depressive episodes.

    • Non-inferiority to standard drugs
    • recommended “First-line” treatment
    • Low drug-drug interaction risk

    This is an authorised medicinal product.

    Max Zeller Söhne AG, 8590 Romanshorn

    Product information

    For the treatment of mild to moderate depressions (WHO ICD10 F32.0/F32.1)

    Remotiv 250®: 250 mg of dry extract (Ze 117) from Hypericum perforatum L. herba

    Remotiv 500®: 500 mg of dry extract (Ze 117) from Hypericum perforatum L. herba

    Drug-extract ratio (DER): 4-7:1

    Extraction solvent: 57.9% ethanol (V/V)

    Remotiv 250®: 2 film-coated tablets per day.

    Remotiv 500®: 1 film-coated tablet per day.

    Recommended for minimum 6 weeks.

    Clinical Evidence & Mode of action

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    Ze 117 – The Difference

    Effective natural mood enhancer – Comparable efficacy to SSRIs in mild/moderate depression and high responder rates, shown by clinical studies

    Triple action – Inhibits presynaptic reuptake of dopamine, serotonin and noradrenaline

    First-line therapy – Proposed by doctors in various guidelines as first-line treatment for mild to moderate depression

    Excellent safety – Ze 117 is better tolerated than SSRIs and has very low potential for drug-drug interactions due to special extract containing low hyperforin levels (≤1%), suitable for long-term treatment

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    Our phyto-pharmaceuticals have proven efficacy, tolerability and safety in numerous clinical trials performed by Zeller and published in peer-reviewed journals.


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