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Alluna® – Ze 91019


Alluna® – Ze 91019

For the treatment of sleep disorders.

  • For natural sleep on the long run
  • Restoration of sleep architecture
  • No drowsiness or morning hang-over

This is an authorised herbal drug.

Product information

For the treatment of sleep disorders such as difficulties in falling asleep, staying asleep as well as restless sleep (according to WHO ICD10: F51.0 – 51.2).

Alluna®: 250 mg dry extract of Valeriana officinalis L. root & 60 mg dry extract of Humulus lupulus L. strobile (Ze 91019)

Alluna forte®: 500 mg dry extract of Valeriana officinalis L. root & 120 mg dry extract of Humulus lupulus L. strobile (Ze 91019)

Drug-extract ratio (DER) Valeriana officinalis L.: 5-8:1

Drug-extract ratio (DER) Humulus lupuli L.: 7-10:1

Extraction solvent: 45% methanol (m/m)

Alluna®: 2 film-coated tablets per day

Alluna forte®: 1 film-coated tablet per day

Recommended over a period of 4 weeks

Dictionary of medicinal plants


Valeriana officinalis - helps to relieve sleep disorders.

Dictionary of medicinal plants


Humulus lupulus – helps to relieve sleep disorders.

Clinical Evidence & Mode of action

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Ze 91019 – The Difference

Dual mode of action - Ze 91019 induces sleep pressure and regulates circadian rhythm through the adenosine and melatonin receptors. Superior to placebo and Valerian mono-therapy.

Excellent Combination – Ze 91019 reduces sleep onset and nightly awakening, increases sleep duration and improves sleep architecture.

Long-term treatment – Natural therapy suitable for long-term intake, also in elderly patients.

High safety – Well-documented safety, with no addiction potential and no risk for cognitive impairment, drowsiness, morning hang-over or drug –drug interactions.

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Our phyto-pharmaceuticals have proven efficacy, tolerability and safety in numerous clinical trials performed by Zeller and published in peer-reviewed journals.


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