Zeller International Team

At our sites in Romanshorn and Uttwil (VitaPlant), there are 135 employees in diverse disciplines such as biology, agriculture, process engineering, pharmacy and medicine. Patients benefit from our phyto-pharmaceuticals both in Switzerland and worldwide.

Zeller International

Yulia Kirschner

Director International Division+41(0)714660500

Alastair Oakeshott

Senior Manager International Division+41(0)714660500

Dr. Si Chen

Business Development Manager+41(0)714660500

Julia Witt

Assistant International Division+41(0)714660500


Dr. Georg Boonen


Peter Kade

Director VitaPlant AG+41(0)714660500

Andreas Fischer

CFO / CHRO+41(0)714660500

Urs Bossart

Member of the governing board +41(0)714660500

Jaques Kade

Member of the governing board / Asset management+41(0)714660500

Zeller Switzerland

Christina Rohner

Business Unit Manager Medical+41(0)714660500

Petra Hollenstein

Business Unit Manager OTC+41(0)714660500

Zeller Vitaplant

Peter Kade

Director VitaPlant AG+41(0)714660500

Dr. Amin Chaanin

Head of R&D Agro+41(0)71 466 0333

Research and Development

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Drewe

Senior Manager Research & Development+41(0)714660500

Dr. Christiane Halbsguth

Director Regulatory Affairs+41(0)714660500

Alexander Schenk

Analytical Development Manager+41(0)714660500

Dr. Simon Nicolussi

Head of Medical Affairs+41(0)714660500

Human Resources

Andreas Fischer

CFO / CHRO+41(0)714660500